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Re^2: Regarding building of a cluster...

Siddheshwar Chopra

Dear Maciej,
Thank you for your encouragement and appreciation. Your kind words have provoked me to make one now. I checked the link and it seems ubuntu linux is the chosen option. I am using Linux mint. I found it much better than Ubuntu though. I have some  points here:
1) Good that you noticed it that its power consumption and cost is low..
2) But its low cost per unit could over come performance issue perhaps.
3) It should be perhaps easy to cool this cluster owing to its small size. Plus it won't heat up much at all.  :-) thnx to its 700MHz processor.
4) I haven't checked it.. But there must be some overclocking option.
5) One very important point we have overlooked is its GPU performance. It does support HD video and I feel I read its speed is in gigapixel/sec. So we could use its gpu capability too.

Kind Regards,

On Fri Jul 18 '14 5:11pm, Maciej Czarnacki wrote

>Here is interesting site for You:

>I have built gamess-us on my raspberry pi and it works.
>I haven't got enought of time to do some benchmarks.
>Your idea is very interestig. Very cheap + low power consumption machine.
>But it has only 100 MBit ethernet and low performance of cpu which can be bottleneck.

>Best regards,
>Maciej Czarnacki

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