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Re^3: Regarding building of a cluster...

Maciej Czarnacki


I gave you inappropriate link, here is correct
There is automatic script for gamess installation on raspberry pi.
I am very curious raspberry pi molecular modeling cluster. If you will build it please give me an information about that.
Best regards,
Maciej Czarnacki

On Sat Jul 19 '14 4:29pm, Siddheshwar Chopra wrote
>Dear Maciej,
>Thank you for your encouragement and appreciation. Your kind words have provoked me to make one now. I checked the link and it seems ubuntu linux is the chosen option. I am using Linux mint. I found it much better than Ubuntu though. I have some  points here:
>1) Good that you noticed it that its power consumption and cost is low..
>2) But its low cost per unit could over come performance issue perhaps.
>3) It should be perhaps easy to cool this cluster owing to its small size. Plus it won't heat up much at all.  :-) thnx to its 700MHz processor.
>4) I haven't checked it.. But there must be some overclocking option.
>5) One very important point we have overlooked is its GPU performance. It does support HD video and I feel I read its speed is in gigapixel/sec. So we could use its gpu capability too.

>Kind Regards,
>On Fri Jul 18 '14 5:11pm, Maciej Czarnacki wrote

>>Here is interesting site for You:

>>I have built gamess-us on my raspberry pi and it works.
>>I haven't got enought of time to do some benchmarks.
>>Your idea is very interestig. Very cheap + low power consumption machine.
>>But it has only 100 MBit ethernet and low performance of cpu which can be bottleneck.

>>Best regards,
>>Maciej Czarnacki

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