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Re^2: procprg file in combination with SGE

Jonas Baltrusaitis

Alex, yes, it's OpenMPI and I am using openmpi FF version

On Sun Feb 6 '11 11:46pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>what is the recommended MPI version on this cluster? Is it mpich,
>or maybe something different like OpenMPI?

>Alex Granovsky

>On Sun Feb 6 '11 0:29am, Jonas Baltrusaitis wrote
>>I am having problems running jobs on SGE cluster. Computes are called compute-x-x. When I submit #$ -pe orte 16, e.g. I would like a job to run on two 8 core nodes, how do I specify that in procgrp file?

>>local 7 is the first line, but what about the second line? It could be any compute node, e.g. I do not know which one is going to be as SGE is going to assign it. So how do I specify second line in procgrp file?


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