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Re: procprg file in combination with SGE

Alex Granovsky


what is the recommended MPI version on this cluster? Is it mpich,
or maybe something different like OpenMPI?

Alex Granovsky

On Sun Feb 6 '11 0:29am, Jonas Baltrusaitis wrote
>I am having problems running jobs on SGE cluster. Computes are called compute-x-x. When I submit #$ -pe orte 16, e.g. I would like a job to run on two 8 core nodes, how do I specify that in procgrp file?

>local 7 is the first line, but what about the second line? It could be any compute node, e.g. I do not know which one is going to be as SGE is going to assign it. So how do I specify second line in procgrp file?


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