PC Gamess/Firefly: bindings for different Windows-based MPI implementations

All Windows PC GAMESS/Firefly versions are parallel but can work in serial (sequential) mode. To run, PC GAMESS requires the file called mpibind.dll to be in its home directory. This library defines a particular implementation of MPI the PC GAMESS will use. At present, there are the following dlls available in the BINDINGS folder of PC GAMESS/Firefly installation directory:

Note! You should manually copy the appropriate dll from BINDINGS folder into the PC GAMESS installation directory and rename it to mpibind.dll!

The recommended MPI implementation for PC GAMESS/Firefly running in parallel on self-made (non CCS-based) Windows clusters is NT-MPICH. For pure SMP/multicore systems we recommend NT-MPICH-SMP. On Windows CCS systems, use MS MPI.

Note! As all the currently available PC GAMESS/Firefly versions are 32-bit executables, you need 32-bit MPI libraries even if running under 64-bit Windows!

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Last updated: March 18, 2009