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Re^3: Where to take MOLPLT?

Pedro Silva

On Fri Feb 19 '10 1:11am, Alexandr wrote
>On Wed Feb 17 '10 10:26pm, Pedro Silva wrote
>>MacMolPlt is available from the Gordon group Gamess Us homepage

>To me it is not necessary MacMolPlt.
>To me it is necessary MOLPLT.
>It not same.
>Look in the end of file PUNCH.
>Here it is prepared input a file for MOLPLT, instead of for MacMolPLT.
>In it there was my question on Forum.


Dear Alexandr, the documentation clearly states:

         MOLPLT = flag that produces an input deck for a molecule
                  drawing program distributed with GAMESS.
                  (default is .FALSE.)

That program IS MacMolPlt. Please check MacMolPlt before bluntly stating that the replies we kindly give you are not relevant

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