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Re^2: Small cluster for Firefly

Veinardi Suendo

Dear Alex,

I prefer myself to have a linux based cluster using CentOS 5, because all of PCs are installed with it. In your opinion, MPICH2 is better than openmpi? Please if you have a more detail reference about it or even a detail recipe.

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,


On Fri Mar 5 '10 6:35pm, Alex Granovsky wrote
>Dear Veinardi,

>Should it be the Linux or Windows-based cluster?

>Anyway, regardless on the particular choice of platform...

>The cluster is not large at all so the Gigabit Ethernet
>should be enough for most purposes. However, I'd recommend
>to invest into high quality Gigabit switch and good
>(e.g., server-class) Gigabit cards. Use 64-bit OS.
>As to MPI, I'd recommend to use either Intel MPI, or MPICH2.

>Alex Granovsky
>On Tue Feb 23 '10 9:43pm, Veinardi Suendo wrote
>>Dear Colleagues,

>>Recently, I got 5 new machines (Intel Core2 Quad Q8200, 2.33 GHz, DDR2 8GB). I have planned to construct a cluster for quantum chemistry calculation with those machines, particularly with Firefly. Please share your recipes to build small cluster for Firefly. Until now, I calculate in SMP system only (Centos 5.3, Openmpi 1.2.8, Intel Compiler Suite 11). Thank you very much in advance.

>>Best regards,


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