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Re: Small cluster for Firefly

Alex Granovsky

Dear Veinardi,

Should it be the Linux or Windows-based cluster?

Anyway, regardless on the particular choice of platform...

The cluster is not large at all so the Gigabit Ethernet
should be enough for most purposes. However, I'd recommend
to invest into high quality Gigabit switch and good
(e.g., server-class) Gigabit cards. Use 64-bit OS.
As to MPI, I'd recommend to use either Intel MPI, or MPICH2.

Alex Granovsky

On Tue Feb 23 '10 9:43pm, Veinardi Suendo wrote
>Dear Colleagues,

>Recently, I got 5 new machines (Intel Core2 Quad Q8200, 2.33 GHz, DDR2 8GB). I have planned to construct a cluster for quantum chemistry calculation with those machines, particularly with Firefly. Please share your recipes to build small cluster for Firefly. Until now, I calculate in SMP system only (Centos 5.3, Openmpi 1.2.8, Intel Compiler Suite 11). Thank you very much in advance.

>Best regards,


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