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Re^4: p4_error: semget failed for setnum 0


Hi guys, thank you for the help! Finally I solved my problem!

After erase the "semaphores" I ran the firefly and got that error. Then I tried to move my input to the firefly's folder and the problem stopped. I just don't know why rs

But thank you Pedro and Alexander!

>Yeah, everything is correct! I checked. I created another folder with a simple input e then I ran

>>firefly8 -i scan-opt.inp -o scan-opt.log

>and that error appear again.
>>>You must be sure that the output file you want to create does not exist, and that you have invoked the correct input file. the proper syntax is

>>firefly -i input_filename -o output_filename

>>Check the tutorial/getting started pages for other command line options.

>>Pedro S.

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