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Re^2: NBO 6.0

Masoud Nahali

Dear Alex

Thank you for your prompt reply and attention. However as you may see one can order this code from the NBO 6 official order website ( ) so the compatibility would be expected. Finally we hope these old friends ( NBO and FF ) meet together soon :)

Sincerely, m

Masoud Nahali

On Fri Nov 29 '13 5:01pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>As of NBO version 6.0, NBO program runs in the client-server based
>model. The host QC program implements a kind of run-time interface
>to exchange data with a separate NBO v. 6.0 executable on the fly
>using sockets. This interface is not currently supported by Firefly.
>This scheme is quite different as compared with the direct
>incorporation of NBO code into host QC program, the approach which
>was used by NBO version 5 and below.

>The link on the NBO 6.0 site is inactive. I think this is because
>NBO v. 6.0 is not yet supported by Firefly.

>All the best,
>Alex Granovsky
>On Fri Nov 29 '13 3:43am, Masoud Nahali wrote

>>As we have recently purchased the new version of NBO (6.0) (the password and manual) we would like to know whether this version was incorporated in the last version of Firefly or not. In the manual we can see that the v.5.G version was incorporated but on NBO 6.0 webpage "" one can see the announcement that was made by them about FF and NBO 6. Therefore would you please clarify how the new NBO activation key should be used to activate NBO 6 modules !

>>Sincerely Yours

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