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Re^4: Running Firefly in Intel Core 2 Duo Scientific Linux -- Error TID 1037 caught signal 11, exiting. Dump of registers follows..

Edward Castillo


   I'm sorry for the late reply. the kernel version is 2.6.28-128.1..1.el5xen. Yes please can you send to me the precompiled binaries for this? Thank you so much! =)



On Mon Mar 8 '10 0:07am, Alex Granovsky wrote

>Is that 32-bit kernel? What is the exact kernel version?

>This sigsegv is the known problem with some Linux kernels
>that do not set the GDT limit in GDTR properly. The only
>workaround is to disable call64 option in the input file.

>This can be done e.g. using Firefly's preprocessing features -
>e.g., you can include the template file with your favorite presets.

>Alternatively, I can provide you by the precompiled binaries
>with this option turned off by default.

>On Sat Mar 6 '10 5:37am, Edward Castillo wrote

>>   Thank you very much! It worked! =)


>>On Thu Mar 4 '10 7:37pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>>>please check if setting $smp call64=0 $end cures the problem.
>>>Alex Granovsky
>>>On Thu Mar 4 '10 1:05pm, Edward Castillo wrote
>>>>Hi, I tried installing Firefly to an Intel Core 2 Duo in my Scientific Linux.  I tested the BENCH01.INP and some other files but I am receiving errors. I am just running in one pc.

>>>>I used ./firefly -r -f -p -i BENCH01.INP -o BENCH01.OUT -ex /scratch/ -t /tmp/

>>>>where I placed the pcgp2p.ex, p4stuff.ex and fastdiag.ex in /scratch.

>>>>Below is the error

>>>>TID 1037 caught signal 11, exiting.

>>>>Dump of registers follows

>>>>eax :: 0x00001003, edx :: 0x00001003
>>>>ecx :: 0x00001c00, ebx :: 0x00000000
>>>>esi :: 0x00000004, edi :: 0x00000001
>>>>ebp :: 0x00000003, esp :: 0xbfa7d5a4
>>>>eip :: 0x1081e190, eflags :: 0x00010206

>>>>cs  :: 0x0073
>>>>ds  :: 0x007b
>>>>es  :: 0x007b
>>>>ss  :: 0x007b
>>>>fs  :: 0x00d7
>>>>gs  :: 0x0000
>>>>The output file ended in the input cards.

>>>>Can anyone pls help me?

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