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Decrease of CPU utilization

Pavel Butrimov


CPU utilization decreases to 2-3% value on each core some time after running PC GAMESS. This is the moment of  UHF SCF calculation, after 1- and 2-electron integrals estimation. Is this normal?

My command line:

pcgamess.exe -i input -o test.out E:\work0 E:\work1 E:\work2 E:\work3 -np 4gm 160000000

Input description:

AMD Phenom / Win32  PC GAMESS version running under Windows NT
Running on AMD CPU  :  CPU Generation 15, Family 16, Model   4, Stepping  2
CPU Brand String    :  AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor              
CPU Features        :  CMOV, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4A, MASSE, MWAIT, AMD64
Data cache size     :  L1 64 KB, L2  512 KB, L3  6144 KB
max    # of   cores/package :   4
Operating System successfully passed SSE support test.

$SYSTEM AOINTS=DIST TIMLIM=1000000 MWORDS=200 $END                                  
$STATPT NSTEP=5 OPTTOL=1.0E-4 $END                                      
$P2P P2P=.T. DLB=.T. $END                                                
$BASIS GBASIS=N21 NGAUSS=6 $END                                          
$GUESS GUESS=HUCKEL $END                                                

Thank you in advance!

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