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On Fri Apr 2 '10 7:44pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>Firefly shares the common set of keywords across all
>the supported Operating Systems. The exact meaning of keyword
>may vary slightly if keyword is too OS-dependent, however
>we always try to impose as much consistency and similarity
>as possible. However, some default settings differ depending
>on the OS and (under Linux) depending on MPI implementation
>and threading model in use.

>This means that the same keywords can be used to fine-tune
>performance under any OS - Windows, Linux, and OS X;
>however the optimal values should naturally vary.

>Even for Windows version running using MS MPI, optimal settings
>will differ depending on the interconnect (e.g., Gigabit Ethernet
>requires the different set of optimized defaults as compared with
>Infiniband, etc...).

>Alex Granovsky

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