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Re^3: Performance goes upwards!

Alex Granovsky


Firefly shares the common set of keywords across all
the supported Operating Systems. The exact meaning of keyword
may vary slightly if keyword is too OS-dependent, however
we always try to impose as much consistency and similarity
as possible. However, some default settings differ depending
on the OS and (under Linux) depending on MPI implementation
and threading model in use.

This means that the same keywords can be used to fine-tune
performance under any OS - Windows, Linux, and OS X;
however the optimal values should naturally vary.

Even for Windows version running using MS MPI, optimal settings
will differ depending on the interconnect (e.g., Gigabit Ethernet
requires the different set of optimized defaults as compared with
Infiniband, etc...).

Alex Granovsky

On Fri Apr 2 '10 5:10pm, Vyacheslav wrote
>On Fri Apr 2 '10 4:18pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>>> May be, you have still any advice as a reserve :-)?

>>yes I have... you can try
>thanks, I'll check up these options, since ahead a number of large tasks are waiting in a queue.
>One more question (from my reserve :-)), it is important not for me, but for Linux cluster' users, some my colleagues: whether all options offered above are suitable for FF tuning under Linux?
>Best regards,


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