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Re^3: FireFly Crashes on Ubuntu 10.04: "TID 1880 caught signal 7, exiting"

Alex Granovsky

Dear Firefly users,

I've attached zip archive with complete source code of small test program
as well as precompiled executable that can be used to check your
Linux system for compatibility with Firefly.

Best regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Wed Sep 8 '10 3:51pm, Gregor Kladnik wrote
>Thanks for the quick reply. I missed this post altogether. Nevertheless, I managed to make firefly work by installing the 2.6.34 kernel from ubuntu, actually it does not work even with the latest 2.6.32 ubuntu version.

>Gregor Kladnik
>On Wed Sep 8 '10 11:36am, Alex Granovsky wrote

>>On Wed Sep 8 '10 10:37am, Gregor Kladnik wrote

>>>Recently I have upgraded my Ubuntu system to the 10.04.1 (Lucid Lynx), with kernel version 2.6.32-24-generic and from now on firefly crashes with this info:

>>>TID 1882 caught signal 7, exiting.

>>>Dump of registers follows

>>>(I removed the rest of the info, ie. the registers). Can somebody help me with this problem? I also had a newer kernel installed (2.6.35) with same result.

>>>Thank You in advance!

>>>Gregor Kladnik

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[ ] Check your Linux system for incorrect mprotect behavior in the stack area

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