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Re^2: FireFly Crashes on Ubuntu 10.04: "TID 1880 caught signal 7, exiting"

Gregor Kladnik

Thanks for the quick reply. I missed this post altogether. Nevertheless, I managed to make firefly work by installing the 2.6.34 kernel from ubuntu, actually it does not work even with the latest 2.6.32 ubuntu version.

Gregor Kladnik

On Wed Sep 8 '10 11:36am, Alex Granovsky wrote

>On Wed Sep 8 '10 10:37am, Gregor Kladnik wrote

>>Recently I have upgraded my Ubuntu system to the 10.04.1 (Lucid Lynx), with kernel version 2.6.32-24-generic and from now on firefly crashes with this info:

>>TID 1882 caught signal 7, exiting.

>>Dump of registers follows

>>(I removed the rest of the info, ie. the registers). Can somebody help me with this problem? I also had a newer kernel installed (2.6.35) with same result.

>>Thank You in advance!

>>Gregor Kladnik

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