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Re^6: Memory shortage

Alex Granovsky


try this:

Instead of running Firefly directly, create a script like this one:

ulimit -s 2048
/home/users/gran/firefly8/ff8.mvapich.ex "$@"

and "mpirun" this script instead.


On Sat Feb 11 '12 11:51am, Vyacheslav wrote
>checking up by the command ulimit -a on MVS-100 supercomputer of RAS Supercomputer Centre shows that stack size is equal 2048 but max value of mwords in FF is about 370 only...
>What is mean?

>  Vyacheslav
>On Fri Feb 10 '12 6:11pm, Vyacheslav wrote
>>>>2) Is this option (i.e. ulimit -s 2048) suitable for Linux versions of Firefly v 7.1.G?

>>>Yes it is. Actually it affects the way how OS kernel partitions
>>>virtual memory memory. This option may not help if your Linux distro
>>>uses pre-linked shared libraries. In the latter case, try to google
>>>a bit to find a way to disable pre-linking.

>>In this connection what can you tell about SuSE and CentOS? Or how I can know what kind of libraries use these Linuxes?
>>>>4) What kind of Linux is the most suitable for 48-cores AMD computer in your opinion? Now I have CentOS-6.2-x86_64 on this PC. May be, it should replace on some other kind of Linux?

>>>There is no good answer as it strongly depends on personal preferences.
>>>Of Linuxes, I'd not recommend to use Debian and Ubuntu and clones.
>>>Personally, I prefer SuSE; however, CentOS isn't bad at all.  
>>>What is the CPU model of your 48-core system? For some models,
>>>you may need to update kernel to get the optimal performance with Firefly.

>>Three years ago I  used SuSE (10.1 or 10.2) too. However at some moment SuSE started to run unknown process. In some minutes after I killed him, it was again running and speed of calculation decreased in 2-3 times. Nobody could understand what for this process is started and what it does. Then I have quarrelled about Linux :-).
>>As for my CPU model I have on 48-core machine four 12-core AMD Opteron Processor 6180 SE 2.50 GHz and CentOS. This system is not so friendly to the user and I would prefer to replace it, if there is more suitable system. I cannot to install driver for CUDA in CentOS (strange problem…).

>>Thank you very much for your help!

>>    Vyacheslav

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