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Re^8: Limit on number of cores

Alex Granovsky


it looks like you are using nt-mpich-smp MPI implementation.
The problem you faced is related to this MPI, not to Firefly.
As I mentioned previously, you need to increase the size of
the shared memory segment, e.g. add the following line to the
batch file you are using to start Firefly:

set MPI_GLOBMEMSIZE=536870912

Kind regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Tue Feb 14 '12 12:12pm, Vyacheslav wrote
>sorry for delay…
>I've run FF by script under Server 2008 Standard: up to 20 cores FF works OK. With 21 cores process crashed and in cmd I see such text:
>pcgamess: Cr(3)F6...Cannot allocate RndvBuffers (-1)
>Detected crash of a process terminating   (repeated 19 times)
>Done for 0.000 h
>Detected crash of a process terminating
>I've tried to decrease RAM without effect.



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