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Re^9: Limit on number of cores



this problem sticks to me and does not want to come unstuck  :-(

For Firefly 8.0.0 beta I have the following (running by script under Server 2008 Standard):

1) on 20 cores without any additions in command line FF works OK (calculation time corresponds to number of cores);
2) on 21 cores I have the same crash reports as in previous post, i.e.

firefly8: Cr(3)F6...Cannot allocate RndvBuffers (-1)
Detected crash of a process terminating   (repeated 19 times)
Done for 0.000 h
Detected crash of a process terminating

3) when I put into command line the option MPI_GLOBMEMSIZE=536870912 (in the first position) then FF doesn't running on both 20 or 21 cores but crash report is absent.
I've changed the value of GLOBMEMSIZE up to 8388608 without effect.


PS. It is strange that the limit in FF equal to 20 cores just coincides with restriction on the number of connections over network...

On Tue Feb 14 '12 8:55pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>it looks like you are using nt-mpich-smp MPI implementation.
>The problem you faced is related to this MPI, not to Firefly.
>As I mentioned previously, you need to increase the size of
>the shared memory segment, e.g. add the following line to the
>batch file you are using to start Firefly:

>set MPI_GLOBMEMSIZE=536870912

>Kind regards,
>Alex Granovsky
>On Tue Feb 14 '12 12:12pm, Vyacheslav wrote
>>sorry for delay…
>>I've run FF by script under Server 2008 Standard: up to 20 cores FF works OK. With 21 cores process crashed and in cmd I see such text:
>>pcgamess: Cr(3)F6...Cannot allocate RndvBuffers (-1)
>>Detected crash of a process terminating   (repeated 19 times)
>>Done for 0.000 h
>>Detected crash of a process terminating
>>I've tried to decrease RAM without effect.



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