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Re: missing

Alex Granovsky

Dear M.M.,

the version of Firefly you are using is fully dynamically linked.
In particular, this means that 32-bit MPICH shared libraries should
exist on the computer system you are using to run Firefly.

You can either compile MPICH to create missed shared libraries
(note, MPICH is important as you cannot use other MPI implementations
with this version), or use Firefly version which is statically linked
with MPICH and dynamically linked with other libraries.

Alternatively, you can use Firefly linked with some other MPI
implementation (available at the Download pages).

Kind regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Sat Dec 17 '11 2:54pm, makhyoun wrote
>Dear all :

>by running firefly ver. 7.1.G in parallel (fully dynamically linked with mpich) the computer

>asked for the library . My question is from where we can get this library ?

>The command was:

>./firefly /home/mohamed/firefly/tmp0 /home/mohamed/firefly/tmp1 -p4pg /home/mohamed/firefly/procgrp

>Thank you very much


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