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Re^2: missing


Dear Dr. Granovsky, Dear All:

By using a statically linked mpich binary for firefly-7.1G and intiating the command :

./firefly /home/mohamed/firefly/tmp0 /home/mohamed/firefly/tmp1 -p4pg /home/mohamed/firefly/procgrp

I get the following error:

ssh: connect to host mohamed port 22 : Connection refused.
p0_31172: P4_error: Child process exited while making connection to remote process on mohamed: 0

How to overcome this problem.

Best Wishs

M. M

On Sun Dec 18 '11 12:01pm, Alex Granovsky wrote
>Dear M.M.,

>the version of Firefly you are using is fully dynamically linked.
>In particular, this means that 32-bit MPICH shared libraries should
>exist on the computer system you are using to run Firefly.

>You can either compile MPICH to create missed shared libraries
>(note, MPICH is important as you cannot use other MPI implementations
>with this version), or use Firefly version which is statically linked
>with MPICH and dynamically linked with other libraries.

>Alternatively, you can use Firefly linked with some other MPI
>implementation (available at the Download pages).

>Kind regards,
>Alex Granovsky
>On Sat Dec 17 '11 2:54pm, makhyoun wrote
>>Dear all :

>>by running firefly ver. 7.1.G in parallel (fully dynamically linked with mpich) the computer

>>asked for the library . My question is from where we can get this library ?

>>The command was:

>>./firefly /home/mohamed/firefly/tmp0 /home/mohamed/firefly/tmp1 -p4pg /home/mohamed/firefly/procgrp

>>Thank you very much


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