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Re: regarding PC

Masoud Nahali

Dear Gomathi

Generally CPU of a computer puts no limit on your computations, lower CPU frequency and cache only increase the expense or time of your computation. But sometimes low memory may make some difficulties and limits on your studies especially frequency calculation. I hope it helps.

Best Wishes

Masoud Nahali, Sharif University of Technology      

On Thu May 12 '11 1:58pm, Gomathi wrote
>Hi all,

>I want to do the macromolecule optimization.
>The pc i have is intel core 2 duo.
>My doubt is can i able to do macromolecule optimization using this? Can i able to run IRC with the molecule which is having more than 50 atoms?
>Previously i optimized the molecules with less than 50 atoms and run IRC for that too.

>Thank you in advance

>With regards

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