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Hi all,

first of all I would like to thanks Alex for Firefly.
I would like to ask Alex several questions:

1) How much will be speed-up due to using AVX-instructions on PC ?
(I don't have AVX-capable processor and I'm trying to guess it is factor 1.5-2.0)

2) What your opinion about OpenCl ? The same as about CUDA ?
(that HPC-giants should make other computing architectures for scientists
rather than to press odd programming technologies)

3) Is it possible that in future will be released FPGA for QM-computing ?
Is it possible to make such FPGA in home conditions ?

4) Which will be trend in speed-up due to CUDA for calculations
HF -> MP2 -> MP4 ? What your opinion about mixed single/double precision
QM calculations on GPU ?

thanks in advance,

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