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Re^2: automatically shut down when running with quadcore + attached output file

Alex Granovsky


the Event ID 6008 is the "Previous Shutdown was unexpected" event.

My best guess is that your laptop shuts down itself due to
overheating or similar problem as calculations impose real
stress on the hardware.

Alex Granovsky

On Thu Apr 8 '10 7:20pm, Patrick SK Pang wrote
>The output file is attached for reference.

>Patrick Pang

>On Thu Apr 8 '10 6:47pm, Patrick SK Pang wrote
>>Dear all,

>>I execute Firefly 7.1.G with the laptop computer, which was equipped with an Intel Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9000, 4 GB RAM and one 288 GB hard disk under 32 bit Windows Vista Business service pack 2.

>>After installing Firefly, I followed the instructions indicated in the web site that
>>1. pcgp2psm.dll was renamed as pcgp2p.dll in the Firefly root directory.
>>2. mpibind.nt-mpich-smp.dll was put into the Firefly root directory, and renamed as mpibind.dll

>>When 4 cores were employed, the machine would shut down automatically as starting the SCF calculation in the second step of the geometry optimization. The Event ID 6008 was found in the System event log. However, it would not happen when 1 core was used.

>>The command line is
>>firefly.exe -i c:\users\pangsiukwong\tmp\B3LYP-nogalamycin-geom-restart6.inp -o c:\users\pangsiukwong\tmp\B3LYP-nogalamycin-geom-restart6.log -t c:\users\pangsiukwong\tmp\scratch -np 4

>>The input file and the output file are attached for your reference.

>>Thank you for your attention.

>>Patrick Pang

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