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Re: Firefly 7.1G with CUDA 2.3

Alex Granovsky


the code works with CUDA SDK 2.3. Could you please share the
exact input and output files?

Alex Granovsky

On Mon Feb 15 '10 7:16am, Veinardi Suendo wrote
>Dear Colleagues,

>I have just tried to run a calculation based on the benchmark test of CUDA (, but it failed on our machine. The code said that the dll files were not compatible. I do not know whether it is due to the different CUDA version (we use v2.3) or due to some specific option for each type of NVIDIA Card as written in the input file. Here, we used the cheapest one among GTX200 series: GTX260 made by Manli. We had tested this card to work with trial version of Jacket run on Matlab and everything goes well.

>Please, if any of you have any suggestions, we need this option to accelerate the geometry optimization and vibration analysis.

>Thank you in advance,

>Yours Sincerely,

>Veinardi Suendo

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