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Re: Firefly 64-bit code?

Alex Granovsky

Dear Alexandra,

I'm sorry for delay with my reply.

Unfortunately, development of fully 64-bit Firefly is a very slowly
progressing project. It is not expected that 64-bit version will be
available this year.

Out of curiosity, how cluster support folks argued that they cannot
support 32-bit binaries on a cluster? It is most likely not so.
It is usually not so difficult to support 32-bit binaries on a cluster
and requires only minor additional efforts. What is the hardware,
interconnect and operating system/Linux kernel versions used by this

All the best,
Alex Granovsky

On Fri Mar 24 '17 2:07pm, Alexandra Tsybizova wrote
>Dear Firefly project team,
>I have a question related to the purely 64-bit Firefly version. Back in 2009 it was mentioned on this forum that the 64-bit code was under construction. I wanted to ask, are there any news in that regard?

>The reason I am asking is that my cluster support recently refused to install Firefly on our cluster because they "cannot support 32-bit binaries on the cluster".

>Thanks and best regards,

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