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Re: number of atoms ( comparing Macmolplt and Chemcraft )

Alex Granovsky

Dear Masoud,

looks like a bug in Macmolplt to me.

All the best,

On Fri Mar 4 '16 11:52am, Masoud Nahali wrote
>>Dear FF Users

>Enclosed you can see input and output file of a FF calculation. If you open these file using Macmolplt it will show 40 and 39 atoms respectively. The exact number of atoms is 39 !
>But Chemcraft shows the number of atoms for both input and output files correctly.

>Is there something wrong in the input file that makes Macmolplt read the file incorrectly or a bug in Macmolplt inherently ?

>Sincerely Yours
>Masoud Nahali

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