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Re: Firefly and OpenMPI 2.1

Alex Granovsky

Dear Bernhard,

this was simply a copy-paste error on the download page.
Thank you for asking and for bringing it to my attention.
I have just fixed the typo.

The binaries you are asking for were indeed linked with Open MPI
version 2.0 (version 2.0.1 to be precise) and are compatible with
all Open MPI versions 2.0.x.

As to Open MPI versions 2.1.x, I do not think these binaries are
compatible with 2.1.x versions of Open MPI. This is not a Firefly
problem but rather the (big) Open MPI problem.

In my view, there are two types of software packages and libraries,
those that respect binary compatibility and interoperability between
releases and versions (the good ones) and those that do not (the bad
ones, such as Open MPI).

If you really need this, I can relink Firefly with Open MPI libraries version 2.1.

Nonetheless I generally do not recommend using Firefly together with
Open MPI because Open MPI implementation of collective MPI operations
is flawed and these design flaws can cause Firefly to hang in some

I'd strongly suggest you to consider using Intel MPI v. 4.1 or mpich2/mpich3 instead.

As to 64-bit Firefly binaries, there are no such plans in the near perspective.

Kind regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Wed Mar 28 '18 5:38pm, Bernhard Dick wrote
>Our computing center set up a new Linux cluster and now uses OpenMPI 2.1 for parallel jobs. There is one version of Firefly in the download page labeled "Linux/OpenMPI v. 2.0.x, dynamically linked version", but below it is written that it is linked with version 1.8. Will this be compatible with OpenMPI v2.1?

>Is it still true that there will not be a 64-bit version of Firefly?

>best regards,

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