How to run Firefly?

First, unpack the inner rar archive using installation password

You should have a file named "input" in the current directory containing the input information for Firefly. By default, Firefly writes its output to the stdout device, hence you should use an I/O redirection to save it as a file. For example, you can use something like:

  • D:\FIREFLY\firefly8.exe >test.out 2>&1

  • Here D:\FIREFLY is the directory that contains Firefly executable.

    All temporary files will be created in the current directory, so if you want to run several Firefly jobs simultaneously, you should run them in different directories. Insofar as the PUNCH file is always created as a new file, there should not be any previous punch file in the Firefly working directory. In general, it is recommended to delete all the other temporary Firefly files (such as dictnry, etc...) before starting next Firefly job, unless you want to use some restart options.

    Probably, you will write some batch (.bat or .cmd file) to delete these files, create input, and run Firefly with I/O redirection.

    Please consult as well with the list of the available Firefly command line options