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Re^5: FireFly Crashes on Ubuntu 10.04: "TID 1880 caught signal 7, exiting"


On Fri Dec 3 '10 9:53am, Alex Granovsky wrote
>Dear Firefly users,

>it turned out that the first version of our test program
>was not complete as it did not test for another Linux bug.

>I've attached updated zip archive with complete source code of
>test program as well as precompiled executable that can be used
>to check your Linux system for compatibility with Firefly.

>Best regards,
>Alex Granovsky
Sorry for complaining, but nevertheless test program v2 says there is no problem, still firefly doesn't work on Ubuntu 10.10 (as well as on new 11.04) with kernels 2.6.35-2.6.38, while working fine with kernel 2.6.34.

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