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Re^3: Batmaker for firefly

Siddheshwar Chopra

Dear All,
This is just to add some more information on this topic. There is one more text editor package named "Notepad++" in Windows. The same can be installed in Linux using "Wine".
The best features of this package are its Multitab function. You can edit multiple files in one go. Also you can search for same keyword in all the opened files in one go. It is really handy to work with.

Kind Regards,

On Tue May 19 '15 11:29pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>Forgot to mention that Firefly's output files can be viewed on the fly
>in any text viewer/editor. I personally prefer to use the internal
>file viewer of Far manager (google for "far manager" to find it on the
>web. It is free.).  

>Kind regards,
>Alex Granovsky

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