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Re^3: MacMolPlt 7.4.4

Siddheshwar Chopra

Dear Sir,
This is regarding MacMolPlt,. Even after specifying MOLPLT=.t., MacMolPlt does not read the output file at all. It hangs every time I open the output file.


On Thu Jan 17 '13 4:19pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>one can check whether the use of -legacy Firefly's 8.0.0 command line
>switch results in output files that are more compatible with MacMolPlt.

>Kind regards,
>Alex Granovsky
>On Thu Jan 17 '13 9:50am, Daniil Bratashov wrote
>>On Wed Jan 16 '13 0:28am, Masoud Nahali wrote
>>>>Dear Friends

>>>As I have checked the new release of MacMolPlt it can open the output files of Firefly but I simply want to inform and warn you that it shows the structure and the energy of the first SCF NOT the last optimized structure and its energy. Best wishes, m

>>If you're using linux vesion of macMolPLt (building from source), you can apply patches from here:
>There should be another patch to fix ff8beta incompabilities, but it is not ready yet.

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