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Run on more than one node


Dear all;
I succeeded to run firefly 8.1 on one node/4cpu as follows: (statically linked with mpich)    

mpirun -p4pg procgrp /home/mohamed/firefly810/bin/firefly810 -ex /home/mohamed/firefly810/bin -t/home/mohamed/firefly810/EXE/tmp

The structure of the procgrp file for one node is:
linux-jeem 0 /home/mohamed/firefly810/bin/firefly810 mohamed
linux-jeem 1 /home/mohamed/firefly810/bin/firefly810 mohamed
linux-jeem 2 /home/mohamed/firefly810/bin/firefly810 mohamed

Now I don't know how to run it on more than one node.
My system is an ordinary cluster.

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