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Problems in starting PCGAMESS under Windows HPC Cluster 2008



We are tying to start PCGAMESS on a Windows HPC Cluster 2008. It consists of 3 nodes with a total of 10 cores (Intel Core 2). PCGAMESS works well at each node as well at the master node, if we start it in the cmd command prompt (e.g. 'pcgamess o testout.out').

It does not work, if we try to start the program in the HPC Cluster Manager (also command line e.g. 'pcgamess o testout.out'). We use as descript the MPIBIND.MSMPI.dll as mpibind.dll. We always get a failled process with an error code 0 in the HPC Manager Software.

Does anyone have experience in using PCGAMMESS in Windows HPC Clusters or any helpful remarks?

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