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Re^2: RedOx reaction in skewed geometry environment (modeling via wstate variation).

Pedro Silva

I know my postscript was heavy-handed and sarcastic. I mean no disrespect towards other members of this forum, but I was outraged by the original poster's lack of appreciation of all the help which had been freely given and his uncalled-for, rude, comments regarding the documentation. Both the present documentation and the original, Gamess(US)-based, files are vastly superior to the documentation provided for most other (commercial) codes. I have long contributed to the list, but I will no longer bother answering any queries from users who disrespect the Firefly team or clearly show they do not bother learning a small modicum of quantum chemistry before posting. I have been able to learn how to use Firefly and Gamess(US) using their manuals and test files and reading things on my own. I am not a genius, therefore if I have been able to do that you should, too.

I am sorry to sound so uncivil, but questions have lately become demeaning: regular posters are not supposed to lead people by the hand, as if they were uncredited PhD advisors. Please read the manuals back to front, study the examples, read the forum, pick a simple introductory text. You do not have to delve into the maths or physics: I don't. I cannot perform a matrix diagonalization or derive  the orbitals of a hydrogen atom from Schridinger's equation if my life depended on it. But you do not have to do that when using the methods.. You DO need to respect the theory, you owe it to yourself to know the limits of what is feasible, you cannot hide your "unteachability" under a self-serving cloak of open-mindedness.

Pedro S.

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