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Re^2: FSF: fatal error no. 0x00000020 in sub SEQOPN on unit 90

Pedro Silva

I am sorry to flood this thread with piecemeal reports, but I keep getting new errors:

After setting FASTF=.F. my jobs either stop immediately (allegedly because the DFTGRID file cannot be opened) or they run for 60 minutes, and then I get:

*ERR* IO-09 system file error - No such file or directory

Moreover, I also get the infamous

"p4_error:semget failed for setnum: 0"

Even after cleanipcs and ipcrm, the semaphores do not get cleaned, and I am now prevented by the system from running new instances of FF. I cannot understand this at all: I have always used FF without problems, which makes me fear that the problem lies somewhere in my system (though I do not know where, since my Linux skills are limited (to say the least).

Thanks for putting up with me ..

Pedro S.

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