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How to start running Firefly on computer cluster?


I’m a student of Petrozavodsk University, and I use FF for my work. Now I have the opportunity to use computer cluster of Karelian Branch of RAS ( for my tasks. Cluster has 10 nodes, each of which has 2 CPU Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5430, OS - SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 with Cleo Job Manager. Number of nodes, free to use with Firefly, changes from run to run. I hope to use about 2-5 nodes. At the end of each run I must to delete "traces of my stay" on compute nodes.

Please, help me to run my task for the first time. After studying tutorials I have made the following plan of starting. What you think about it?
     Assume I have 2 nodes for my task (4 processors, 16 cores).
a) I create 3 work directories – on master node and on each compute nodes with the same name, e. g. mywork/home_ff.
b) Then I put into each of them FF binaries. Preliminary I copy corresponding file from BINDINGS folder into installation directory and rename it to mpibind.dll.
Q.1: Here I have my first question: on the cluster there are the several mpi libraries, specifically, openmpi v. 1.3 (not v. 1.2!) and mvapich-1.1.0, mvapich2-1.2p1. What of them is better for using?
Q.2: What dll from BINDINGS folder is suitable for OpenMPI?
copy the appropriate dll from BINDINGS folder into the PC GAMESS installation directory and rename it to mpibind.dll
c) After that I create a command line for FF run in batch_file placed in my_work/inputs directory where there is input file also:
mpirun -np 4 /mywork/home_ff/pcgamess -r -f -p -i ./bench01.inp -o /my_work/outs/bench01.out -ex /mywork/home_ff -t /tmp/run_ff
d) Finally I run batch_file from Cleo job manager…
Q.3: What is incorrect here?
Q.4: Is the np 4 parameter correctly set? Does FF use all 16 cores for calculation?
Q.5: In what directory the -ex option copies the fastdiag.ex and pcgp2p.ex files? Into /tmp/run_ff?
Q.6: If I'll receive for run one of nodes not entirely (but one processor only), what I should change in this case?
Thanks in advance!

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