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Firefly runs on 1 node on cluster and doesn't run on 2 nodes.


I try to work with Firefly on cluster, witch has 10 nodes and 8 cores on each node. On it SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, Cleo manager and Intel MPI are installed.
I download Firefly version 7.1.G download links, Linux Intel MPI, dynamically linked NPTL-based version.
My command line is:
mpirun -np 16 /home/kremov/ff/firefly -r -f -p -stdext -i /home/kremov/ff/1/bench01.inp -o /home/kremov/ff/1/bench01.out -ex /home/kremov/ff -t /home/kremov/tmp

If I write -np 8, then bench01.out and bench01.dat appear in folder "1", program works normally. But if -np 16, then in "1" nothing appears, and in cluster report file this error is written:

MPI process terminated unexpectedly
Exit code -5 signaled from node-01
cleanupKilling remote processes...DONE

Why does it happens?

If -np 8, then in bench01.out there is such lines:
max    # of   cores/package :   4
max    # of threads/package :   4
max     cache sharing level :   2
What this means?

Thanks in advise!

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