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New version of the Firefly Commander - FiCo (version 1.1)

Pasquale Morvillo

Dear Firefly users,
the new version of FiCo is ready.
You can download if from the Download section of this web site:

The main improvements are:
1. Possibility to choose the favourit text editor to open inp and out files.
2. Possibility to show and modify the input/output file with a molecule builder program.
3. Possibility to copy in the clipboard the commandline used to run the last job (useful for users having problems running firefly with FiCo).
4. Listbox to visualize the geometry optimization (step, energy, max and rms gradient).
5. The icon of the program is the official firefly logo (see About box for the author's mention).

Best regards.

Pasquale Morvillo

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