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Re^2: Tesla c2050


I disable TDR feature, but still have same error in out file.

I tested system with latest hoomd-blue, it works perfect.
I guess, this due to the altered architecture of Fermi card.
Full support of this card start since cudatoolkit 3.1 release.

Thanks, Radik

On Tue Oct 26 '10 6:50pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>Teslas are labeled as not useable in the output because CUDA driver
>reports that there is an OS imposed limit on the execution
>of individual kernel. I do not think this is actually the case
>as Tesla is not a graphics card. While this is most likely just
>the driver's misreport, you have two options how to proceed.
>Namely, you can either completely disable the TDR feature
>via registry, or contact me off the list for the updated binaries.

>Alex Granovsky
>On Tue Oct 26 '10 1:10pm, GadievRadik wrote
>>Does firefly 7.1G support calculation on latest Nvidia Fermi cards?
>>When i try run firefly on 3x tesla c2050, in out file cards labled as unsupported.

>>System Win Server 2009 r2
>>2x intel Xenon
>>3x Nvidia Tesla c2050
>>Cuda toolkit 2.3 and 3.2 installed both 32 and 64 bit installed.
>>All cuda tests passed.


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