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Problems with FF in Ubuntu 9.10 after a kernel update

Reinaldo Pis Diez

Dear folks,

I use FF, version 7.1.G, build 5618 in my laptop under Ubuntu 9.10. I've installed the MPICH1 version with libraries statically linked. Until last week or so I was running FF without any problem.
Then, the automatic package manager facility in Ubuntu upgraded the kernel to 2.6.31-22 and after that I was unable to run FF again.
The program starts and stops at different points, depending on the job, and immediately prints on the screen the following:

TID 5898 caught signal 7, exiting.                      

Dump of registers follows

eax :: 0x00048914, edx :: 0xffffa868
ecx :: 0xfffe8634, ebx :: 0xffffa648
esi :: 0xf5ea2498, edi :: 0xffffa6d4
ebp :: 0xffffa690, esp :: 0xffffa62c
eip :: 0xf5e84177, eflags :: 0x00210206

cs  :: 0x0023
ds  :: 0x002b
es  :: 0x002b
ss  :: 0x002b
fs  :: 0x00d7
gs  :: 0x0000

Stack backtrace

esp :: 0xffffa690, ebp :: 0x00000002, eip :: 0xf5e8d5fc

Any ideas/hints about what's going on?


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