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Re^9: Firefly-8.0.1 is not running on system with Intel MPI-4.1.X...

Pavlo Solntsev

Your script doesn't correspond to PBS script. I made some changes to qff2 script to make it more restrict and precise. What you need to do is to run:
$ qff2 -s # generate a new ~/.firefly.con file
$ qff2 -r yes inputfile.inp

Let me know how it works.


On Mon Mar 24 '14 9:11am, Siddheshwar Chopra wrote
>Dear Sir,
>I made the i/p file and o/p file path changes as pointed out by you.. And got the .e file as o/p. Please find attached the "Inputscript.pbs" and "New Error.e" files for your reference. The exact command for running FF is mentioned in the Inputscript.pbs file.
>Now coming to your question about step by step process::
>1) Ran qff2 and obtained firefly.conf.
>2) Now ran "qff2 inputfile" to obtained "Inputscript.pbs".
>3) Ran "qsub Inputscript.pbs" from the PBS_O_WORKDIR path.
>4) This gave me the ".e" and ".o" files.
>However the program terminated very soon, without producing any .out file. I am unable to track these errors.

>Please help Sir.



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