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Re^2: Starting virtual orbitals for MCSCF

Pavlo Solntsev


I got a NBO license. May i ask you some questions about this module.
I did SP calculation using $nbo file=.... plot $end line. I got NBO's files. NBO orbitals in the PUNCH file corresponds to the NBO orbital from *.37 file, do they? Is it enough to use NBO orbitals as initial orbitals for MCSCF or should I also look into different NBO files?

Is there any trick i should know for non-singlet systems? I saw, beta and alpha orbitals are different.

Any comments maybe not form you, but from any user of NBO code in FF will be useful.


On Thu Mar 6 '14 6:51pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>if you have NBO license you can try to visualize and use NBOs.

>Kind regards,
>Alex Granovsky
>On Thu Mar 6 '14 6:38pm, Pavlo Solntsev wrote

>>Maybe somebody had this problem before. I am working on a system with two copper centers. THis system was found to be multireference in nature. I have already done some calculations and solution looks good that makes me happy. However, i need to expand my active space. I need to include some 3d-orbitals from coppers (they were not included before) and corresponding 3d' virtual orbitals to keep active space balanced. I started from CIS-NO. All 3d orbitals may be found easily. However, situation with virtual orbitals is not so simple. I may see some virtual orbitals of d-character but very delocalized over coppers and ligands. I also checked VVOs orbitals from GAMESS-US but it doesn't solve the problem. The worst thing is i need to include not all 3d orbitals but only xz,yz and z2 (square-planar copper(II)). How can i purify my virtual orbitals to make them more localized?

>>Thank you for any help.

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