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Re^3: Comparison of computing time Intel Nehalem vs. AMD Opteron || Linux vs. Windows 7

Davide Vanossi

Dear Thomas,
          attached to this mail you can find the results of my simple test. I have considered as a test-case a standard DFT (b3lyp/6-31g*) optimization procedure on Alanine molecule performed with FireFly 7.1.G under Linux Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bit.
Best Regards


On Thu Nov 10 '11 9:19pm, Thomas H. wrote
>Dear Davide,

>I did already a decision and ordered the small 24 core AMD Opteron cluster (with SSD). We are going to work with CRYSTAL, because of our periodic structures. But I also want to use Firefly for some other calculations. So of course I can provide the results of some test calculations.



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