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Re^2: Application not staying open

Lynn Schmitt

On Mon Jul 7 '14 9:02pm, Pedro Silva wrote
>On Mon Jul 7 '14 7:47pm, Lynn Schmitt wrote

>>In all honesty I am not amazing with computers, and have been really struggling with the installation of the program.  I extracted the files and unpacked the .rar, and now when I go to use the program it opens and then immediately shuts down. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if I missed something.  I would appreciate the advice.


>I assue you are using Windows. Create a text file with the commands (for example

>firefly  (or whatever name your executable has) -r -stdext -i name_of_input_file  -o name_of_output_file

>and save it with a name ending in a .bat extension. By clicking that .bat file, firefly will be invoked and use the selected input file .

>Good luck!

>Tha manuals are your friends!
>Pedro S.

Pedro, thank you for the tip I was able to create a .bat file,  I open it and "firefly" (I can't actually tell if it is the program running or not, I'm just trusting you) "runs"; however, I'm still having the issue of the program closes before I can read anything, (it is maybe open for a milisecond.) and no output file is being created.  Is this supposed to happen?

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