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Re: New major Firefly version 8.0.0 has been released to the public September 5, 2013

Thomas Pijper

Dear all,

I would like to mention that new documentation for Firefly has also been released. This documentation combines information taken from the old manual, the various README files, and the forums, and has some new text as well. It is not yet complete, but will be updated periodically in the future.

The new documentation can be found in the "Manuals" section.

Kind regards,

On Thu Sep 5 '13 3:43pm, Alex Granovsky wrote
>Dear Firefly users,

>After almost four years of constant development, the new major Firefly
>version 8.0.0 has been released to the public today, September 5, 2013.

>Enjoy Firefly!

>Kind regards,
>Alex Granovsky

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