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Re: cant install in linux

Pavlo Solntsev

Dear Kaushik.

First of all you have to have 32-bit MPI library available. Use system wide, if they are not available, you may try to compile your own. See the manual page for OpneMPI installation.

I recommend you to use this run script. It will help to setup all variables, PATH's, create PBS script and run the job.

go to folder with file and type  
chmod u+x qff2

see qff2 -h for more options.

Good luck!


On Fri Jan 24 '14 6:54pm, kaushik hatua wrote
>dear all
>I am using opensuse 11.4 on 64 bit intel architecture machine. I download serial version of Windows wnd linux. And follow the instructions.  Windows version successfully installed but linux failed. it shows error 0x00c40dc kind of problem.  I am not a good expert of linux. can anybody help.

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