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Re^2: need for pcgamess input in solvent phase


Hi Jim Kress
Thank you

On Mon Jun 21 '10 7:41pm, Jim Kress wrote
>Did you read the Users Manual?


>Did you look for Continuum solvation methods: SCRF and PCM?

>You might want to start there.

>Also, EFP (Effective Fragment Potential method) is yet another way of doing this.  It is also discussed in the Users Manual.

>On Mon Jun 21 '10 7:08pm, Gomathi wrote
>>Hi friends,

>>I am the beginner in this field.
>>I had studied some gas phase organic reactions using pcgamess.
>>Now i wish to extend it in solvent phase. I need the input model to do this.
>>Anyone can Please send me the same.

>>Thank you,

>>With regards

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