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Re^2: The 80 char per line limit

Joao Rosa

Thanks for the consideration,

I'm happy to help improving this already superb program.


On Thu Mar 14 '13 3:45am, Alex Granovsky wrote

>thanks for your suggestion. Seems like a good candidate to implement in Firefly version 8.0.1

>Kind regards,
>Alex Granovsky
>On Wed Mar 13 '13 5:00pm, Joao Rosa wrote

>>Even though I've used pcgamess for years (not a heavy user, just from time to time), only now I realized about this 80 character per line limit for the program input. It's hardly ever mentioned in the documentation, so after many frustating errors I couldn't understand, I finally figured this out... lol.

>>So I have a suggestion, since firefly has a preprocessor, maybe it could autosplit lines that are too long, or give a warning or error indicating that some line is over 80 chars, because the gamess core just gives some generic error that is not helpful.

>>Best regards,


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