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Re^2: Queuing SCript for Firefly on Linux

Peter Jarowski

Yes please, the PBS script would do.

Also, I cant seem to run firefly outside of its directory where the executable is. Do you have path lists and ENVs to suggests to fix this.

Best Regards,


On Sat Nov 12 '11 10:36am, Alex Granovsky wrote
>Hi Peter,

>To avoid PUNCH file conflicts, use -p -stdext command line options.

>If you need sample scripts for PBS or SLURM, I can attach some to this thread.

>Alex Granovsky

>On Sat Nov 12 '11 0:04am, Peter Jarowski wrote
>>Dear Users:

>>Anyone have a working queuing script for Firefly running on linux with parallelization. For instance for qsub of some equivalent. Right now I have the problem that the PUNCH file can not be shared between different simultaneous runs. Any work around for that?



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